Let’s talk about my kids

I spent a little time this morning thinking that I had not written a blog post about my sweet kids lately!  Gotten a bit hazed over with Fubble Bath and the stock market.  Those are great topics but let’s get back to my kids for a bit, why don’t we?

My Big Girl knocked our socks off with a fantastic softball season.  This was her first attempt at any organized or unorganized sport for that matter.  She gave it her all and more, there is no one out there who had more dedication and willingness to succeed.  I could just say it over and over again, she made us all so proud. I truly look forward to seeing her skills improve with practice and next year, softball All Stars better watch out.

The Boy is rounding out kindergarten here in about 20 days and counting.  To say this year for him has been an academic springboard would be an understatement.  His writing, his counting, his almost reading, is just beyond words.  The Boy is well a Boy, and an active one, and frankly one who is not totally over the moon with academia.  The Boy is smart and in fact super smart with taking the tv apart and putting it back together with 4 less pieces and a better picture but he really is not the guy who was writing his alphabet at 2.  BUT NOW, hold on school, the Boy is ready to take you all on, not just on the playground or in the science room but in the library and the computer lab too!  I can’t wait to see all he will accomplish in 1st grade.

And Little Girl. Oh Little Girl, 2 years old in a matter of days.  I can remember her being born all 5 pounds of her and asking the doctor if she was okay and then asking again.  Why they asked me, well frankly because she weighs 5 pounds and is sort of a little alien-esque.  It would not have mattered if anything was “wrong” with her…I just like to know things.  But for those who know her and have spent these almost 2 years with her, they know something is “wrong” with her.  She is sharp as the sharpest knife in a sushi chef’s hand.  The girl is just “on”. She can follow anything, understands everything and is a true comedian.  I talk to her like she is 10, she acts like she is 16 but she is as small as a 6 month old…well not really…but she fits a lot of spitfire into her 20 pounds!  Her next step is the toilet which she has flat out told me she won’t use but no more diapers when you turn 2 Little Girl and you don’t like messes, so I suggest you give the toilet the good ole college try considering you are filling out college apps as I type….

So that’s the rundown on my kiddos for the past little while…now bring on summer!

Folded toilet paper and 1,000 thread count sheets, is it for everyone?

Planning a trip to the San Diego area for this upcoming weekend got me thinking about something and I am starting to think I might be out in left field on this one.

So we’re taking the 3 kids on a mini vacation. Just Sunday-Tuesday which will require a 2 night hotel stay.  I start my hunt for rooms using hotels. com, I plug in 2 adults, 2 children (don’t count the baby..once you cross over into 5 people, they want you to get 2 rooms and that just causes a whole other debacle.) But, I do want to search larger rooms and/or suites so I do indicate we have 4 people.  I get the search results and what do I look for…..the CHEAPEST room. Yes, you read it right, the cheapest.

I don’t look for nightly bed turn downs, complimentary cookies at night, 3 pools, an over sized bathroom with robes. Nope, not me.  I look for price, then I make sure it has a decent bed count and a pool. Finished. I’m not really into ambiance, soft beds, plush towels, high def tv, concierge and whatever staying at a “nice” hotel offers you.  I have me and Dad and our 3 kids, I need a bed (well 2 or more really) and a shower and a fridge would be a bonus.

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What to do, what to do?

This is the question.  I always find myself with all these fun ideas, mostly entrepreneurial ones but for some reason I can’t seem to find my perfect place at this time.

I enjoy blogging, but not sure its something I can pursue with all these other wonderful Mommy bloggers out there…not sure enough of myself to really figure it all out…I always have told people “you need to find a niche.” Well at this point, I feel I have no niche and not sure where I can find one..

Our little soap business, Fubble Bath is laying stagnant in murky water as I have done little to pursue this project. I get a little burst of energy with it but as quickly as it hits, the bubble bursts. (no pun intended)

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Deactivation seems so final.

I am not necessarily meaning for this to be a “deep” post about anything really too “deep” but something is making me think (I know, I know…it happens).

In case any of you wonderful readers did not know, I am an avid Facebooker.  I eat, sleep, breathe facebook.  I got started on FB in  September of 2008 (notable period for our little family but maybe another time!) I remember a friend telling me months prior about how she got sucked into the facebook time warp and was “reuniting” with all these friends she had in high school or how she “reconnected” with the Mom of the nurse who delivered her at birth some 35 years prior. (ok, that might be stretching the truth) At the time, I thought huh? what is this she speaks of? tossed it aside in my brain and moved on.

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Blog, meet iPhone

A lot of you may know by now that on Friday, April 29, one of my techy dreams was realized…I finally got an iPhone! This is the first official post written entirely without the use of my laptop (although I did mark it for review and add captions to the pics before publising)! Eek! I. love. this. thing.

One of the bests parts of my new little BFF is that she was practically free thanks to my former right hand man, my Droid Incredible. {Pause for explanation: my iPhone will be referred to as a she because she looks feminine, and my Incredible looked masculine so he’s a he.} Am I the only Verizon customer who didn’t realize that some phones are actually worth a good amount of money through their trade-in program? Enough about how I got my iPhone (I despise talking about money).

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Bittersweet Baby Days

Baby J hit another milestone today;she showed me that she is able to sit unsupported. I’m not counting on her doing this very often right now because she prefers being on her belly because she is trying to crawl. I actually can’t believe that she’s not crawling yet. She gets on her hands and knees and rocks all the time. Her backwards movement has become quite efficient, but she hasn’t quite figured out how to go forward. My favorite thing that she does now looks like the Downward Dog yoga pose, where she sticks her little cloth diapered butt in the air while she’s on her hands and feet. I’m sure other babies have done this, but in our family, this is a Baby J signature move.

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Boys Will Be Boys So Let The Girls Be Girls

Lately, I have read many blog posts discussing gender biases with toys. Some of these posts I agree with and some I found a little alarming. I tend to steer clear of a lot of potentially sensitive issues, but The Disney Princess Purging Plunge by fellow blogger Tara, of The Adventures of Mommy HaHa, really got me thinking.

First, let me say that I think there is a big difference between acknowledging that there are different gender roles and being sexist. Gender neutral seems to be the new black and frankly, I find some of it a little confusing! What is so wrong with having things that are labeled “girly” or “for boys?” I just don’t understand why so many people seem to think this is bad.

As a believer, I know that God created men and women to be different for a reason: Genesis 1:27 reads, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Contrary to what some belief, no where in the Bible does it say that men are better than women! But they are different.

Even if you aren’t a Christian, you have to admit that men and women are not the same physically or in the way they think, feel, or act. Men want to protect/provide security for their families, their finances, their reputation, etc. Women, on the other hand, are more concerned with loving and being loved. While this may seem like a stereotype, it’s not if you consider that women express love in various ways and reputation can be translated into respect. Do you know a man who doesn’t want to be respected?

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Out of necessity I started making my own cloth diapers. Money was lacking and I had already successfully made some diaper bags and other things so why not a diaper? I had never done elastic but you can find great videos on Youtube that help you through it. There are tons of free patterns online for different types of diapers. My friend knew I was skiddish about trying to make my own so she made one with me. We did each step together. It wasn’t that bad. My first diaper turned out really well. There were a few minor flaws but its not that bad really. I ended up buying the pattern that we used to make the diaper because I liked how easy it was to put together. The pattern I used was the Jalie cloth diaper pattern. It is like a 3 in one pattern. You can make a pocket diaper/all in one, a serged fitted and a diaper cover. I’ve successfully made the pocket diaper and the serged fitted but not the cover. When making covers I think you need a walking foot for your sewing machine and I don’t have one yet so no such luck in making those.

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Sleepless Night(s) a.k.a. I’ve Been Spoiled by Sleeping Babies

Today was rough.  I’ve been dragging since I got out of bed this morning.  Everything that we did today was fun, but I really just wanted to be snuggled in my warm bed catching some Z’s!

Baby J woke up so many times last night.  I can’t honestly tell you how many because I was like a zombie.  I do know that at some point, she literally started waking up every hour to feed.  I’m wondering if she was really even hungry every time or if she was just nursing for comfort.  She is kind of acting like she’s teething.  Only time will tell if that’s what’s going on, I guess.

Tonight she was totally fighting sleep!  I felt so bad for her because she kept crying but nothing was calming her down and right before she would fall completely asleep, she would wake and start crying again.  Thank goodness for the Sleepy Wrap that I won last week in ABE!  Once I put her in the wrap, she was out within 10 minutes.  Ahhh.

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Mastitis Misery

If you asked me 2 years ago if I would breastfeed my kids then I would have said, “no way that is not for me!”  Now I’m one of those moms who loves it. Anyways,  I’ll save the story of that transition for another day.  So earlier this week, I hit my first major bump on my breastfeeding journey since I got the hang of the whole thing.  I encountered a nasty thing called Mastitis.

I had seen this word before in all the breastfeeding books I had borrowed from my midwife, but it was kind of like a car accident; you think it can never happen to you and then one day you get broadsided out of nowhere!  On Tuesday I was happily nursing my baby under my Udder Cover at our homeschooling preschool group (yes, I’m one of those too), then on Wednesday I woke up feeling like one of my breasts was used as a punching bag.  Now I have felt worse pain in my life but no woman should have to experience such affliction in that area of her body.  I honestly could not even hold the baby against my chest, which happens to be her favorite position.  Feeding her on that side was like a two-edged sword because the pain was caused by infection and plugged ducts which meant I wanted her to empty me out, but when she ate there was shooting pain the entire time.  Add to this the fact that I was running a fever, had chills, and was so exhausted that I felt like I was hit by a Mack truck.   No wonder when I Googled “mastitis” I found so much mention of moms who wanted to wean their babies early!

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